Your Choice
Chiltern Heathers Ebony
Chiltern Heathers Elm
Chiltern Heathers Hickory
Chiltern Heathers Hessian
Chiltern Heathers Grouse
Chiltern Heathers Oatmeal
Chiltern Heathers Vanilla
Chiltern Heathers Cashmere
Chiltern Heathers Cashew
Chiltern Heathers Acacia
Chiltern Heathers Ash
Chiltern Heathers Platinum
Chiltern Highlights Ice
Chiltern Highlights Flotsam
Chiltern Highlights Dusk
Chiltern Highlights Penne
Chiltern Highlights Risotto
Chiltern Highlights Orchid
Chiltern Highlights Sweetcorn
Chiltern Highlights Alabaster
Chiltern Highlights Sierra
Chiltern Highlights Brume
Chiltern Highlights Wolf
Chiltern Highlights Mercury
Chiltern Pastelle Oca
Chiltern Pastelle Storm
Chiltern Pastelle Poiana
Chiltern Pastelle Mist
Chiltern Pastelle Marlin
Chiltern Pastelle Cloud
Chiltern Pastelle LakeMist
Chiltern Pastelle Gabbiano
Chiltern Pastelle Papyrus
Chiltern Pastelle Cicogna
Chiltern Pastelle Cashmere
Chiltern Pastelle Porcelain
6 Panel door
Half glazed door
Full glazed door
Enterprise Handle
Jet Handle
Lincoln Handle
White Plastic
Chrome finish sockets with white centres
Satin finish with black centres


This is a typical Springfield lounge and is intended only as a visual to help with your Choices.
While every care has been taken to ensure these visuals and materials are as accurate as possible they are intended only as a guide.